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Lightborne Enterprises is a professional children’s party entertainment company that was established with the idea of teaching kids while entertaining them. We started serving the local community a long time ago, but we provide our excellent services in many different cities in the surrounding areas. We do our performances in private venues, libraries, and schools. However, to make things more clear for you, we dedicate this page to our services. Keep reading find out more about the full list of entertainment services we provide.

Children Educational Musical Presentation – As we mentioned above, our goal is to entertain both children and adults by educating them with the help of many alternative teaching techniques. We perform traditional songs as well as some newer and original songs. Memory skills and literacy are reinforced through engaging stories like the African folktale “Abiyoyo” and our own creation – “Nursery Rhyme Rap.” We also use diverse elements such as African folktales, great American heroes, Native American heroes, African American heroes. We offer you a high-energy show that includes activities such as costumes, music, dancing, and storytelling.

Music Presentation – If, however, you are looking for an entertainment service, you can again turn to us. We have a selection of songs suitable for kids of all ages and parties of all types. We will make your celebration even more unique and special. No matter where your book party is held, you can hire us to keep the mood up! Contact us to learn more about our excellent children library presentation service.

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Our well-respected children book author is renowned for a unique approach, clear communication, honesty, and superior professionalism. The entertainment services we provide are suitable for block parties, libraries, schools, museums, community centers, festivals, and other events taking place in and around Schofield, WI.

Whenever you need any of our services in Schofield, WI, you should give us a call at (715) 302-3875 right away! Keep in mind, we give promotions like children’s picture books! We, at Lightborne Enterprises  will be happy to answer all your questions and are looking forward to your calls!